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dearyoungmeI was asked if I’d be interested in writing a “Dear Young Me” letter for the Easter Seals Thrive tumbler.  I thought, “Sure!  That’ll be EASY!”  In reality it was extremely hard!  There’s so much I could’ve covered.  There’s a lot of advice I could’ve used growing up.  It also really hard looking back and remembering young me’s thoughts and how self-conscious I could be about things.

From a gaming aspect I wish I would’ve joined World of Warcraft sooner.  I gained so much confidence since joining Azeroth and have touched on some reasons why in my “Dear Young Me” letter.  Maybe I should write one solely on why Warcraft is so important.  Check out the letter at:



apgwheelchairgifWhat advice would you give your young self?  Are there things you wish you would’ve done differently?  Let me know in the comments below!

Warcraft Addons for Accessibility – Auto Repair

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  On this week’s addon spotlight we are looking at Auto Repair.  Auto Repair is exactly what you would expect it to be.  You can have the addon automatically repair your gear whenever you open communications an NPC offering repairs.  There are settings available to specify whether … Continue reading

Accessibility First Look: Don’t Starve Together

  Hello Ability Powered gamers! The Ability Powered team has been taking a look at Klei’s multiplayer masterpiece Don’t Starve Together. From the point of a mouse only gamer, this game has been absolutely amazing. It starts in full screen mode but can quickly be changed to windowed mode so … Continue reading

Warcraft Addon Spotlight Series Coming Soon

Warcraft is a very accessible game but sometimes there’s a little something that can be made even better with an addon.  While some MMOs refuse to allow community made addons, Warcraft is addon friendly. There’s addons for everything from questing to boss fights. For that I’m thankful. I love healing.  … Continue reading

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