Short IRL gets Big Thumbs Ups!

This is Short.  Here at Ability Powered she’s definitely the Hero of Azeroth.  She absolutely loves sharing her tricks and tips for gaming.  She believes video game worlds can and should be enjoyed by everyone.  She wants to help anyone struggling with a boss mechanic or quest find an alternate … Continue reading

Extra Life 2014 Schedule!

Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  We are here with Ability Powered and Friends 2014 schedule of events! All Times EST!   Ability Powered Broadcast Schedule: Saturday: 8:30PM -11PM:World of Warcraft with Friends Sunday: 8:30PM – 11PM World of Warcraft Raiding   Watch Stream HERE! Donate HERE!   GamingInSherwood Broadcast Schedule: Saturday: … Continue reading

Extra Life 2014

Ability Powered is so excited to be participating in Extra Life again this year!  October 25th we will be gaming for 24 HOURS to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network!  Last year we raised an amazing $255.00.  As time gets closer I’ll be posting more information about our schedule, giveaways, … Continue reading

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