Introducing Gilgadiir and Streaming News

gilgashortHello Ability Powered gamers!  I am extremely excited to announce a partnership between one of my guildies which will allow me to bring more streaming content for you guys.  I would like to introduce you to Gilgadiir.  He has been part of my guild since early Cataclysm.  Gilg and I have often played the same spec or had the same role in raids, because of this we have always been pretty close to each other and since we both have a strong competitive nature we’re always trying to outdo each other in one way or another.  The competition has also made as a pretty good team which is why we have teamed up and Gilg will be hosting streams for Ability Powered on our twitch channel.

I kept getting asked by you guys if I stream or why don’t I stream more.  The answer is simple, I just don’t have the bandwidth!  Where I live the fastest connection available average is right around 2 MBP/S.  I have had problems in the past with my streams disconnecting and reconnecting due to the Internet connection here.  I was talking to Gilg one day about streaming, Youtube, and twitch and he offered to stream any time we are playing something together.  Any time Gilg is hosting there will be a banner at the top of the screen saying it is hosted by him.  That way you guys will know who’s point of view you are seeing during the stream.

But who is this Gilg guy?  Gilg is currently a college student in his early twenties. He is a graphics art major and loves video games as much as the rest of us.  He was diagnosed with Ataxia a few years ago so he is definitely an Ability Powered gamer!  In World of Warcraft he plays many different classes but is currently raiding as a salty restoration druid.  He’s an all around good guy and I can’t wait for you guys to meet him and get to know him in our upcoming stream broadcasts.

Keep in mind that Gilg is currently a college student, and college schedules can sometimes become time consuming and hectic.  This means we currently have no concrete schedule for broadcasting.  The best way to not miss Ability Powered streams is to follow us on twitch at  We are currently trying to stream our raid nights which are Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM central standard time.  Some other streams will also be on the Ability Powered Youtube channelso you can catch up on highlights of streams you might have missed.

apgwheelchairgifI am super excited to be able to provide you guys with more streaming content and I can’t wait to hang out with you guys in twitch chat!  Raiding streams should give you guys an idea of how our guild adjusts strategies to reduce the movement as much as possible.  It should also give me a really good way to communicate with you guys in any more real time manner in case you have more questions about the way we handle certain mechanics in the game.  But don’t take my word for it, come out to our next stream!  I’m really anxious for you guys to meet Gilg, and we’re excited to be able to talk you guys in twitch chat as we fight our way through Azeroth and many other games we’re hoping to bring you guys soon.  Head to our twitch channel or twitter and follow us for streaming updates!

Short Raid Notes: Blackrock Foundry – Gruul (Heroic)

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  We are heading into Blackrock Foundry to check out the first boss depending on which wing your raid team is heading to.  Gruul!  The video above was filmed while we were in heroic mode, but the strategy is the same in normal as well.  This is the strategy my raid leader uses to help us minimize mobility during the fight.  As you can see, markers are placed on each side of the boss and the raid team is split into two groups: one for each side.  We also mark one player in each group to serve as a mobile stacking point in case of the cave in on our current marker.

When the fight begins both teams stack on their assigned markers.  This is the majority of the fight for healers, ranged, and melee classes.  During the fight there a few mechanics requiring you to reposition or move your character:


Overhead Smash: overhead smash will be cast periodically during a fight.  You can tell it’s coming by a visual on the ground in the area where it will cause damage.  Another visual aid will be the direction the boss faces right before the smashes the ground.  Since you will be stacked close the boss it is easy to avoid by strafing left or right.  You can also run straight forward, however getting back into position will take longer see as walking backwards is slower than simply strafing left and right. These will be back to back during Destructive Rampage which is the most movement required during this fight.


Cave In:  a cave in will be a circle on the ground where falling debris will be dealing damage to anyone standing inside.  Once again you can simply strafe out of the cave in.  Just make sure you are still stacked on the person marked as the mobile sticking point.


Petrifying Slam: if you are targeted by Petrifying slam you need to move out of the group as soon as possible to avoid damaging those around you.  In our raid team players targeted run behind the stacked group until they shatter.  You only need to be 8 yards away from your friends so minimal movement is required.


Inferno Slice: this mechanic is by far the easiest for everyone except for the tanks in your group.  For is mechanic just stay stacked up on your marker to help mitigate damage about to be focused on your tank.  Pretty simple, huh?


And that is all the mechanics you will need to be worried about while healing or dealing damage as ranged and melee.  Obviously tanking has a very different role in this raid such as Swapping after every 3rd Inferno Slice and also turning the boss onto the appropriate stacked group to mitigate inferno slice.  Unfortunately tanking is not a role I am currently playing in world of warcraft so I’m not as comfortable giving you guys notes on how to tank this guy with minimal movement.

apgwheelchairgifGruul is a very straightforward boss requiring very little movement if you just strafe left or right to avoid damage and to restack onto your stacking marker once that damage is avoided.  As a healer make sure your AOE healing spells are available after each slice and be sure to watch DBM to know when to prepare for possible upcoming movement so you can pre-HOT your healing assignments before it becomes necessary to move.  Another helpful healer tip: While channeled mana potions are typically most popular potion to restore mana, on this boss the instant potions seem to work better due to the unpredictability of smashes.  But don’t take my word for it, head to Blackrock Foundry and check out Gruul today!  Have you conquered this boss?  Do you have any more tips?  You have the more questions?  If so, leave a comment below!

Warcraft 6.1 Colorblind Options Revamp


Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  World of Warcraft patch 6.1 brought an exciting change for colorblind users.  The colorblind accessibility system has once again been changed in hopes of being more functional for members of the community who need more detailed controls.


Colorblind controls are now even easier to find.  If you look in your interface menu you will find a new section entitled accessibility.  Gone are the days of having to search for accessibility features such as colorblind mode and move pad.  Both are easy to find that simply by navigating to menu, interface, and then accessibility.


Once at this menu you will find the new colorblind system.  You have a check box to enable UI colorblind mode.  This is the standard colorblind setting you could use to find under the help section of your interface.  As always, by checking this button the game adds extra words and phrases to any tool tips through out the game which may help colorblind users get more information.  This adds information about many different parts of the Warcraft experience.  For example, placing your mouse over other characters might tell you if they are friendly, neutral, or hostile.


The shining star to the accessibility changes however is the new color blind support system.  Now users can choose a specific type of colorblindness from a drop down menu.  There are filters for Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia.  Once you choose the filter you need there is also a slide bar to adjust so you can customize the strength of the filter.  Moving the slider to the right adds more of the wavelengths of the color type you have chosen.


The new system is definitely a lot less complicated than the command lines that were previously in game.  Many users never knew about the more detailed colorblind settings simply because there were no UI settings in place other than the one check box which only controlled more detailed tooltips.  The setting was also hidden in a section of the interface called to help which many users failed to look under.


apgwheelchairgifGiving accessibility its own section in the interface of the game is a very exciting addition!  In the future I hope the accessibility section grows to include the check box to enable subtitles.  I also hope to see more work done to update move pad to include rotate character buttons and also a button to toggle run and walk so it will be conveniently located near the direction keys so users can quickly change speeds as necessary.  The addition of accessibility getting its own section in the UI is definitely a first step to making even more changes that help the disabled community play the game they love with even more efficiency.  But don’t take my word for it, login two Azeroth

Accessibility First Look: Zombie Solitaire

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  This week we are looking at a fun solitaire game I picked up during one of the infamous steam sales.  It is called Zombie Solitaire.  In Zombie Solitaire people are transformed into zombies after eating tofu burgers.  Lucky for you, your dad left you a map and instructions on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Once you find the map you play solitaire to kill zombies.


The game starts in full screen mode but can easily be changed to windowed mode before having to enter your name.  There aren’t many options in place for the game but in my opinion not that many are needed due to the nature of the game.  The only real sounds so far have been things like coins falling and zombies growling.  All story line and tutorial information have all been presented in text form.  For colorblind gamers there are no colorblind options in the menu, however so far none of the game play has required for it to be color coded.  Since it’s solitaire you will be playing with a deck of cards which is clearly marked by suits.  So far each power up as had a different logo and not just a color.


For  mouse only gamers this game has been rather relaxing.  It is not timed so fatigue should not be a problem.  To choose the cards you want to play, just click on the card.  There is so dragging and dropping required and you only use your left mouse button.  For keyboard only gamers I did try to cycle through the cards with my onscreen keyboard but that did not seem to be an option.  This game looks to be point and click.


As far as being fun, I really enjoyed the game and fighting my way through a zombie apocalypse with a deck of cards.  This is definitely one of those games to pick up to waste time with while waiting on raid invites or just when you have a little free time.  But don’t take my word for it, it’s called Zombie Solitaire and it’s available on steam.  Do you already have this game?  If so tell us how far you made it in the comments below.  Be sure it to leave any questions you have about the game there also!

Button Remapping coming to PS4?



Hello Ability Powered gamers!  This week there was a information leak from beta testers in Sony Playstation’s beta program about an upcoming firmware update Sony is planning to launch in the near future.  The most exciting information coming from this leak is about an accessibility feature which would allow console gamers to fully remap the Sony PlayStation controller.  While Sony is not commenting on if this leak is true or not, it would be a huge advantage to disabled gamers who need this feature to make console games easier to play.  It would also be a huge win for Sony since it would let gamers remap buttons universally and not reliant on a game by game basis.  While many sources have  tried to contact Sony, the only confirmation I have seen is that there is a firmware update coming soon.


apgwheelchairgifWe can only hope that these leaks are true and button remapping will be coming soon for Sony PlayStation 4 console gamers.  But don’t take my word for it! Keep an eye out for more news about Sony’s update.  Would the button remap option make your console experience better?  If so leave a comment below!

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