Extra Life 2014 Schedule!

Extra Life Facebook Cover Photo_v2Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  We are here with Ability Powered and Friends 2014 schedule of events! All Times EST!


Ability Powered Broadcast Schedule:


8:30PM -11PM:World of Warcraft with Friends


8:30PM – 11PM World of Warcraft Raiding


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GamingInSherwood Broadcast Schedule:


3PM -5PM:Minecraft


12AM – 5AM Minecraft


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DisneyDeathCamp Broadcast Schedule:


8AM – 2PM Destiny
2PM – 12AM The Evil Within

12AM – 2AM NBA 2K15
2AM – 4AM Forza 5
4AM-8AM Diablo 3

Random classic console games all day/night


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All 3 teams will be drawing names from donors to win various Steam Games so be sure to get your donations in!  We will be active on Social Media between broadcasts updating everyone on our progress!  We can’t wait to see you Saturday!

Extra Life 2014

Ability Powered is so excited to be participating in Extra Life again this year!  October 25th we will be gaming for 24 HOURS to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network!  Last year we raised an amazing $255.00.  As time gets closer I’ll be posting more information about our schedule, giveaways, streaming, ect.  Can you help us reach our goal again this year?  Be a Hero!  Help us help sick kids!  Donate here today!


Blizzcon Tips from the Pros at Blizzard Entertainment!


Hello Ability Powered gamers!  Blizzcon is right around the corner and a lot of you guys have asked if I will be there this year.  In short, no.  Flying is just too dangerous health wise for me and the drive would be almost 24hrs!  So this year I’m on #teamvirtualticket!  I will also be living vicariously through 4 guildies who will be going, one being my brother.  As I booked his hotel and was drowning in 5,000 questions about safety and what he should pack, a member of the Warcraft Twitter Community, Nicole Belle, came forward and was sweet enough to field tons of questions I had about the trip.  With time getting closer I started thinking…  I wonder if there are tips about the convention itself.  Who better to ask than the people who throw the biggest party for us?  Here are the responses I got from Blizzard Community Managers and Developers on Twitter when I asked “What’s your best Blizzcon tip?”:


Gary Platner @GaryPlatner (WoW Lead Environment Artist): My favorite part of BlizzCon has always been the opening ceremony, don’t miss it!


Daxxarri ‏@Daxxarri (Community Manager): Be prepared – bring batteries/chargers! Plan ahead – don’t forget travel time. Hydrate and eat snacks! Focus on having fun!  Oh! The BlizzCon 2014 Survival Guide thread is packed with good information too:


Helen Cheng ‏@BlizzardKismet (WoW Senior Game Designer): Don’t miss the opening ceremony. Eat at con to save time.  Shop store 1st day. Deodorant.  Talk to people. Have a great time!


Nethaera @Nethaera (Community Manager): Wear comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking that will happen… and standing.


Don Adams @_DonAdams (Game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment): Wear comfortable shoes! Stay hydrated. Have a designated meeting place if your group is separated (cell signal breaks down). Other useful stuff: handheld gaming device, USB charger (can find on Amazon for about $40) and asprin. And finally: there are lots of bathrooms in the front hall (before you enter the expo floor) and nearby hotel lobbies.


Shawn Silverman ‏@CM_Phenteo  (Community Manager): Pack deodorant, extra pair of socks & underwear for every two days away from home. Have extra sharpies for signatures.


Monte Krol ‏ @krolco (WoW Lead Tools Engineer): Hmm, good question. Plan your days: figure out the stuff you want to see, and make a plan for getting to those events.


Crithto @CM_Crithto (Community Manager): Backpack, comfy shoes, extra socks, Emergen-C, moisturizing hand sanitizer, and water. Also a bib to catch your melted face.  Oh, and some energizing snacks. Good trail-mix FTW! ;)


Russ Petersen ‏@nite_moogle (Reward Systems Designer): Wear good walking shoes, eat at off hours, remember you have automatic gaming passion commonality with every person there


Rygarius CoffeeBird ‏@Rygarius  (Community Manager): Do make plans on what you want to do. Expect that plan to change, and that’s ok.


Owen Landgren ‏@olandgren (Items & Rewards Designer): Talk to the people around you in lines and between panels. Everyone’s at Blizzcon because they’re into awesome stuff.


All these tips will definitely ensure you have an epic adventure at the biggest party us Blizzard fans could ever dream up, but Hearthstone Senior Game Designer, Ben Brode, gave perhaps the best tip to enjoying Blizzcon:


Ben Brode ‏@bdbrode: Attend


apgwheelchairgifBut don’t just take their word for it!  If you’re heading to Blizzcon keep up with helpful tips to share with us next year.  If you’re like me and will be at home this November 7th – 8th, get your virtual ticket and join me on Twitter #teamvirtualticket to talk about all the news and fun Blizzcon 2014 will surely bring!  Big thanks to the crew at Blizzard who participated!

Warlords of Draenor Dungeon Thoughts

WoWScrnShot_061014_230636While we do have dungeon preview guides coming to Ability Powered soon(tm), I wanted to write a quick post with some opinions and observations about the new 5 mans in Draenor.  One thing I can say about the new 5 man dungeons coming to Warlords of Draenor is they definitely keep you moving.  For Ability Powered gamers who have mobility problems this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Mechanics are new and exciting on not only bosses, but also some trash.  This is good for veteran players who have waged war across Azeroth for years and have seen tons of bosses but it comes at a price.


During Burning Crusade I remember a lot of crowd control and burning adds quickly.  Wrath of the Lich King I remember less crowd control and a lot of side stepping out of bad things.  Cata was back to crowd controlling and kill priority but added unique things too (rope swinging of Deadmine’s ship anyone?)  Mists of Pandaria brought…  well…  I’m not sure about dungeon mechanics because I was too busy doing the 500  dailies.  Warlords will definitely be remembered for having to run for your life.


So far I’ve dodged boulders on a burning bridge with occasional wind bursts pushing me backwards.  I’ve avoided a constant barrage of arrows.  I tried not to get grilled by nonstop dragon breath while om a platform hanging high above BRD.  I’ve kited a flock of exploding birds around a platform so my party could survive.  Oh and I’ve dodge cannons on a moving train that you CAN fall off of.  (Thanks for testing dungeon team!)  All these things were during a boss fight.  I haven’t touched the adventures I’ve had with trash getting to said bosses.

dungeon2So far I’m pretty terrified at the thought of healing people through all the movement mechanics added.  I know it will be doable with time and practice but it’s definitely something I’m dreading as a dps in Beta.  Movement is key.  My early advice is to practice with Move Pad to master moving quickly while using abilities.  Familiarize yourself with right clicking to move.  Get accustomed to autofocusing party members and keybinding autofollow to help keep your character moving quickly.  Working with these things now will take the edge off the added movement requirements when Warlords launches.

dungeon1Movement heavy fights are definitely harder but it’s not the only thing we have to watch out for.  There seems to be a lot of line of sight issues during fights.  There’s lots of wind blowing you around.  There are a LOT of areas you can fall off of;  Again, thanks to my team who always check!

apgwheelchairgifThe new 5mans are rough so far.  While I’m not a fan of the movement additions, I don’t think they’re impossible. The addition of DBM timers should help give players a heads up to prepare for the incoming movement also.  But don’t take my word for it, sign up for Beta and test out the new Warlords of Draenor 5mans and watch for our beta previews coming to youtube soon.


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