Warlords of Draenor Dungeon Thoughts

WoWScrnShot_061014_230636While we do have dungeon preview guides coming to Ability Powered soon(tm), I wanted to write a quick post with some opinions and observations about the new 5 mans in Draenor.  One thing I can say about the new 5 man dungeons coming to Warlords of Draenor is they definitely keep you moving.  For Ability Powered gamers who have mobility problems this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Mechanics are new and exciting on not only bosses, but also some trash.  This is good for veteran players who have waged war across Azeroth for years and have seen tons of bosses but it comes at a price.


During Burning Crusade I remember a lot of crowd control and burning adds quickly.  Wrath of the Lich King I remember less crowd control and a lot of side stepping out of bad things.  Cata was back to crowd controlling and kill priority but added unique things too (rope swinging of Deadmine’s ship anyone?)  Mists of Pandaria brought…  well…  I’m not sure about dungeon mechanics because I was too busy doing the 500  dailies.  Warlords will definitely be remembered for having to run for your life.


So far I’ve dodged boulders on a burning bridge with occasional wind bursts pushing me backwards.  I’ve avoided a constant barrage of arrows.  I tried not to get grilled by nonstop dragon breath while om a platform hanging high above BRD.  I’ve kited a flock of exploding birds around a platform so my party could survive.  Oh and I’ve dodge cannons on a moving train that you CAN fall off of.  (Thanks for testing dungeon team!)  All these things were during a boss fight.  I haven’t touched the adventures I’ve had with trash getting to said bosses.

dungeon2So far I’m pretty terrified at the thought of healing people through all the movement mechanics added.  I know it will be doable with time and practice but it’s definitely something I’m dreading as a dps in Beta.  Movement is key.  My early advice is to practice with Move Pad to master moving quickly while using abilities.  Familiarize yourself with right clicking to move.  Get accustomed to autofocusing party members and keybinding autofollow to help keep your character moving quickly.  Working with these things now will take the edge off the added movement requirements when Warlords launches.

dungeon1Movement heavy fights are definitely harder but it’s not the only thing we have to watch out for.  There seems to be a lot of line of sight issues during fights.  There’s lots of wind blowing you around.  There are a LOT of areas you can fall off of;  Again, thanks to my team who always check!

apgwheelchairgifThe new 5mans are rough so far.  While I’m not a fan of the movement additions, I don’t think they’re impossible. The addition of DBM timers should help give players a heads up to prepare for the incoming movement also.  But don’t take my word for it, sign up for Beta and test out the new Warlords of Draenor 5mans and watch for our beta previews coming to youtube soon.


Warlords Coming 11/13/2014!

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  What a big day for Blizzard fans!  Warlords of Draenor is coming November 13, 2014!  I personally can’t wait to head back in time with you all.  As you know we’re in Beta and there’s a ton of things I’m excited about as far as gameplay, zones, ect.  I really think it’ll be better than Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, but I have to be honest…  my first impression of the cinematic is, while it’s amazing & exciting, it’s not inspiring me to fight orcs.  Am I alone here?  Do I just need a good lore boost to get hyped?  What do you guys think of the cinematic?

Why I avoid: Rating Game Accessibility


Here at Ability Powered you see the typical gaming content.  Sometimes I find articles to share, I make first impression and gameplay videos, and I try to post tips or guides.  There’s one thing you might notice is missing though… Reviews Rating Accessibility.

Don’t get me wrong, if you watch my videos you’ll definitely pickup if I’m having fun, getting frustrated or if I’m just getting bored.  I can definitely be transparent with reactions.  Those kind of opinions I don’t mind sharing.  I love Don’t Starve but dislike Chicken Shoot.  If my site wasn’t for a more focused purpose I would definitely share my thoughts in a Review format.  Let’s face it, that’s not why you’re visiting Ability Powered.  You want to know about accessibility and that’s something I can’t rate with scores or stars.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering, “But Short, Why Not?  One of your first videos did!”  To that I say I’m Sorry and it was a mistake.  It’s a mistake to assume my experience can be the same as yours.  The world of disabled gamers is so diverse.  Even if you and I both share the exact same disease, the progression can make us 100% different.  You might can click fast while I click slow.  It’s a mistake to say “I can’t play this so you can’t!”  It’s a mistake to say “This is THE MOST ACCESSIBLE GAME EVER!  Buy it for all your disabled friends this holiday season!”  I’ve been the gamer that bought an “Accessible Indie Game of the Year” before and paid my monthly fun money budget for a horrible experience.  I opened it with my headset on, alone, late at night and for 30 minutes sat stuck in a game I couldn’t play or exit until help arrived.

It’s not just that side of rating games that worries me.  I never want there to be a game you’re really excited about and me shoot it down based on a few hours of playing.  In games that I struggle with, I don’t give up.  If something isn’t ideal accessibility, I look for ways to change that and try to find alternative ways so I CAN play.  So YOU can play.  The Binding of Isaac is a prime example.  Was it frustrating as a mouse only gamer?  YES!  Would different input options have helped? Absolutely!  Who finished the first section using Onscreen Keyboard regardless? This girl.

Now imagine if I had to score it based on my experience for a generalized  mobility challenged gamers group.  I’d say 2 of 5 stars because I only play with a mouse, but what about the mobility challenged gamer that can use a keyboard?  It wouldn’t be true for them.  I refuse to be that gamer that doesn’t understand we’re all different.

If I won’t rate a game, how can I help?  That’s an easy one:

  • I promise to show people accessibility options in games.
  • I promise to explain how I play.
  • I promise to share what I struggle with and what works well for me so not only will you get a heads up, but should a developer see it maybe they’ll listen and learn.
  • I promise to point out issues that might be a victory/problem for others even if they’re not for me.
  • I promise to share information and corrections to anything I get wrong.  I will get things wrong and fixing, even trivial errors is important even if it can only help 1 gamer.
  • I promise when problems arise, that I’ll try to find ways to make them a little better so someone CAN play the game they want.  I won’t give up easily.
  • I promise to always share solutions to any hard mechanics that I can find or that others find.  Just because it might not change my experience, it might change someone else’s.
  • I promise to try to find answers when people have accessibility questions.
  • I promise to try my best to show and share everything I can so YOU can decide if a game is right for you.

apgwheelchairgifWe are all completely different even though we share so much.   I understand that.  But don’t take my word for it…  no, really… don’t just take my word for it.. Let me show you.


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