Warcraft’s No Fly Zone



Hello Ability Powered gamers! I wanted to talk to you today about an article that was released and has the Warcraft community up in arms. According to an article by Polygon, Warcraft Lead Designer Ion Hazzikostas announced that Blizzard will not be allowing flying in this expansion and in future expansions moving forward. Naturally this comes as a shock after and being repeatedly reassured by Blizzard staff that while flying would not be permitted at the beginning of the expansion, it would be added at a later patch.

The news today seems to have the community angry for many are reasons. Some are angry because selling us flying mounts in the store yet not allowing us to use them in current content seems like a slap in the face. Some are pointing out that while no flying at the beginning of the expansion was a great idea to let users to feel like they are on an adventure, later in the expansion people have enjoyed their adventure on their main character and now it’s time to that them level up their alts in less of a time consuming manner. Some people are just downright mad that Blizzard told them one thing and are now making announcements through interviews that contradict what we were told in the beginning. There are many interesting points being made against Blizzards No Fly Zone bombshell, but here at Ability Powered I have to ask myself what does it mean to my community of Ability Powered gamers? There are two specific points I would like to bring up about the no fly decision and why I’m against it.

First off I would like to start with the obvious: flying is quicker. Yes, I know I’m kind of being captain obvious with this point but let me elaborate. When I am going from point A to point B, I am always trying to do it with as little effort as possible. I try to go to the flight paths closest to my destination. The less clicking and the less mouse movement I am required to do to reach the destination means less fatigue I will have just from traveling. The less energy I use to actually get to where I need to be means more time I can spend comfortably playing the game. A perfect example of how being limited to ground mounts is only adding extra clicking, is the weekly traveling I make to attend raids.




Both raid instances Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry have very winding/mob infested roads used to get you between the closest flight point and the raid instance. These paths also are riddled with hostile mobs which often give chase as you’re trying to pass by. Before a raid, or in any other activity in Azeroth, being chased down winding long paths is completely unnecessary and something I don’t need to deal with before raid time. While I know there are summoning stones that my guild can use to get me there, what happens later when this content is something players can solo? If flying were available I could simply gain altitude and click on the horizon to make one straight line to my destination in only about three clicks.

The second point, and to me the most important, is that by not allowing us to fly at any point in the expansion it is excluding players who rely on the Move Pad UI from ever completing all the goals Warlords of Draenor has to offer. While you guys know I am pretty positive toward Blizzard for having alternate ways to complete some of the jumping puzzles they added this expansion, not everything is easily accessible. There are some treasures that I literally spent hours trying to find a solution around jumping mechanics to gain access to. I was told by a developer, well reminded by developer I should say, that finding treasures and completing jumping puzzles is an area of Warcraft that is completely optional. This can be said about almost any part of the game though.



While I would hope that any part of Warcraft game play would be accessible to every member of Azeroth, including those who rely on the move pad, I wasn’t concerned or offended that in the current content there were some things that remained difficult or impossible to pull off easily. The reason I wasn’t was because of the promise that flying was coming. All the treasure hidden atop walls and in treetops that I was unable to find an easy way to reach would be obtainable someday. When flying was allowed I knew I would be able to easily use my flying mounts two land on platforms I previously needed to jump to. This would have given an opportunity to complete “optional” content.

When the expansion was just released I did enjoy the immersion being created when I would mount up and begin questing. Now when I travel it’s because I’m heading to areas I have already visited multiple times. I have seen the zones from the ground, I have been immersed in the adventure, and I have had months to find solutions to jumping puzzles the developers added to the game. Now it is time to give us wings and let us choose whether or not we use them to enjoy the world however we decide we want to. Only allow flying to accounts to have already reached level 100 on another toon if you would like to ensure that a player’s first experience in the current content is one of sword drawn adventure. Keep in mind that allowing flying in Draenor doesn’t mean everyone is required to use it, players who enjoy being grounded can always continue doing so.

apgwheelchairgifBy excluding flying forever in the expansion, I feel as though players who were patiently waiting to be able to complete previously unreachable goals (i.e. Finding all treasures) are being let down by a company who promised it was coming. I also feel like always having players travel long winding enemy infested paths is not going to make them feel like it is an epic adventure, but instead feel like they’re being given busy work to keep them occupied instead of letting them be time and energy efficient. But don’t take my word for it, this is a very hot button issue currently within the warcraft community. What are your thoughts about the no fly zone? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to post all of your concerns on the blizzard forums in a respectful manner to let the developers know if no flying is affecting your game play and enjoyment of the game.

Warcraft: The Quest – If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold The Reins / Grand Theft Palomino

Hello Ability Powered gamers and welcome back to The Quest!  When I started these quests I expected them to be the same quests you always have.  Kill X amount of _______.  I wasn’t expecting to have a tip to share with you guys to you reduce the amount of movement you have to make.  Boy, was I wrong!


Here are my tips for reducing movement needed to complete both of these quests.  If you will notice on the map there is a road that leads from your quest giver to outside the quest area.  Position yourself on this road or on the dirt road to your left.  Now killing the required 10 citizens of Havenshire is easy.  Since the citizens are trying to escape the area, just stay where you’re at and let the citizens come to you.  There’s no need to run around the map to hunt citizens.


Not only do the citizens tried to escape on this route, but so does the horse that you need to complete the quest Grand Theft Palomino.  Just stay in this area until you have all the citizens you need and then wait on a horse to run by!  There’s no need to try to chase one down.  Just let it come to you.  Once you mount the palomino you gain an ability called gallop.  Since you have to press a button to activate it I suggest using the move pad tool to help complete this quest quickly.  Move your move pad to the center and press the up button to continuously run.  Now you can keep your mouse pointer on the gallop button and reactivate it every time it is off cooldown.  Now you only need to steer between activations as needed.  Once you’re at the quest giver hit the deliver stallion button.


Now that Grand Theft Palomino is complete here is my tip to finish up If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold The Reins.  We have already taken care of the 10 citizens but we still need to defeat 10 Scarlet crusaders.  If you go back down the hill below death’s Rise you will notice that the crusaders like to hang out right here.  As a bonus to fighting them in this area sometimes NPCs we’ll help you defeat the crusaders making it even easier to complete the quest.  More will continue to come to this area or respawn here so once again just let the bad guys come to you.


There’s no use in chasing down these quest objectives when you can let them come to you instead.  Once I discovered these tips it made both the quests easier since movement was very limited.  But don’t take my word for it, go out to your Death Knight starting area and check it out for yourself!  If you have been questions or tips about any other quests share them in the comments below for future episodes of The Quest.

The Quest – The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Warcraft)

Hello Ability Powered gamers and welcome back to The Quest!  This week we are still in the Death Knight starting area and are going to be doing the quest “the gift that keeps on giving.” Gothik the harvester has asked us to convert five Scarlet miners into Scarlet ghouls using an object he’s given us called gift of the harvester.


My tip to reduce mouse movement for this quest is to keybind the item by dragging and dropping it onto your toolbar.  As you can see using the item gives you a circle you use to target the Miners to convert them.  By binding the item on to your toolbar you can easily click the item near the middle of your screen where you can use it with little movement.  This way you do not have to move your mouse all the way to the right side of the screen where the item is in your quest list or to the right and the bottom to use at item from your bag.  With the addition of add ons, such as bartender, you can even have the button right in the center of the screen requiring you to barely move the mouse between the quest item and the target.


This particular quest seemed to take awhile to complete since not all the Miners will be converted into ghouls the first time you use the item.  It is possible, depending on your gear, to try to convert multiple Miners by using your quest item more than once between killing the ghost.  In the above video I am in heirloom gear so I can take on a few at once and then AOE them down together.  The respawn rate is pretty quick so you don’t necessarily have to go very far into the cave to convert your miners.


Once a few ghouls are converted, they will help you fight any ghosts that spawn.  This makes the quest even easier to complete.  One thing I did notice is the item will only convert one miner at a time.  I tried placing the target so two miners would be within its radius, but only one of the two would react.  Another thing to be aware of is the quest will not give you credit every time you convert a miner into a ghoul so make sure you keep up with how many you have converted.  Once you have five, this time do return to the quest giver.


By binding the item near the center of your screen for easy targeting, having ghouls fight with you, and staying near the entrance to the cave you can reduce the mouse movement needed to complete this quest.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the death knight starting area today and let me know what you think.  If you have been questions or tips about any other quests share them in the comments below for future episodes of The Quest.

Give Kids the World Fundraiser May 1st & 2nd

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  Tomorrow is the big day!  Tomorrow YOU can help us make magic!  We will be streaming to raise money for Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida which is the most amazing organization.  So watch the video above to see why you should help us support this charity and then join us though out May 1st – May 2nd on twitch to watch us game.  Here’s our schedule! (All times CST)

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May 2nd

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You can donate anytime at http://support.gktw.org/goto/short including RIGHT NOW!  So, get started early by donating today then come by and support out streamers May 1st & May 2nd as we all make serious magic together!


Introducing Gilgadiir and Streaming News

gilgashortHello Ability Powered gamers!  I am extremely excited to announce a partnership between one of my guildies which will allow me to bring more streaming content for you guys.  I would like to introduce you to Gilgadiir.  He has been part of my guild since early Cataclysm.  Gilg and I have often played the same spec or had the same role in raids, because of this we have always been pretty close to each other and since we both have a strong competitive nature we’re always trying to outdo each other in one way or another.  The competition has also made as a pretty good team which is why we have teamed up and Gilg will be hosting streams for Ability Powered on our twitch channel.

I kept getting asked by you guys if I stream or why don’t I stream more.  The answer is simple, I just don’t have the bandwidth!  Where I live the fastest connection available average is right around 2 MBP/S.  I have had problems in the past with my streams disconnecting and reconnecting due to the Internet connection here.  I was talking to Gilg one day about streaming, Youtube, and twitch and he offered to stream any time we are playing something together.  Any time Gilg is hosting there will be a banner at the top of the screen saying it is hosted by him.  That way you guys will know who’s point of view you are seeing during the stream.

But who is this Gilg guy?  Gilg is currently a college student in his early twenties. He is a graphics art major and loves video games as much as the rest of us.  He was diagnosed with Ataxia a few years ago so he is definitely an Ability Powered gamer!  In World of Warcraft he plays many different classes but is currently raiding as a salty restoration druid.  He’s an all around good guy and I can’t wait for you guys to meet him and get to know him in our upcoming stream broadcasts.

Keep in mind that Gilg is currently a college student, and college schedules can sometimes become time consuming and hectic.  This means we currently have no concrete schedule for broadcasting.  The best way to not miss Ability Powered streams is to follow us on twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/abilitypowered.  We are currently trying to stream our raid nights which are Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM central standard time.  Some other streams will also be on the Ability Powered Youtube channelso you can catch up on highlights of streams you might have missed.

apgwheelchairgifI am super excited to be able to provide you guys with more streaming content and I can’t wait to hang out with you guys in twitch chat!  Raiding streams should give you guys an idea of how our guild adjusts strategies to reduce the movement as much as possible.  It should also give me a really good way to communicate with you guys in any more real time manner in case you have more questions about the way we handle certain mechanics in the game.  But don’t take my word for it, come out to our next stream!  I’m really anxious for you guys to meet Gilg, and we’re excited to be able to talk you guys in twitch chat as we fight our way through Azeroth and many other games we’re hoping to bring you guys soon.  Head to our twitch channel or twitter and follow us for streaming updates!

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