Heading to Alpha

LegionAbility Powered is heading into Legion Alpha!  Obviously we will be checking out interface changes and Demon Hunter mobility but we need your help!  Send in any questions or concerns you have about Legion and we will look for answers.   A lot of classes are changing and I am sure there are questions you guys have.  Send them in!  Stay tuned for updates here on abilitypowered.com and our youtube channel.




Cho’gall Patch Hits Heroes

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! It’s patch day in the world of Blizzard which means we’ll soon be busy with new content. While Warcraft is getting additions to the current Timewalking roster and bringing back Valor grinds, I am actually way more excited about the patch coming to Heroes of the Storm. Today we get a new playable character that could really be a game changer for me.

Today we get Cho’gall. Incase you missed it at Blizzcon, he is a character controlled by two players. One person controls melee and movement while the other player controls ranged attacks. Both players work together to coordinate ultimate moves. The key to my excitment for Cho’gall comes with only one player being responsibile for movement. Don’t get me wrong, I can play Heroes with just my mouse, but I’ll be honest. . . I’m not that good. I understand what I need to be doing and the concepts of gameplay, but I just can’t move fast enough sometimes to get away from fast enemies. Having someone else controlling movement will let me focus on attacking and supporting my partner instead of trying to stay far enough back that I don’t repeatedly die. I feel like today is the first day I will really play Heroes of the Storm.




newshortI’ll be heading to the Nexus this afternoon. I already made a Heroes specific onscreen keyboard with the Comfort onscreen keyboard to test out as well. As always watch for updates on how the Cho’gall experience is and if it’s as promising as I hope it will be for some of us Ability Powered Gamers!

Why I love: Warlords Raiding Changes

WoWScrnShot_101515_194928Hello Ability Powered Gamers! This expansion has brought a lot of changes to how I Warcraft. I am an old school guild leader. I started my guild during Burning Crusade. Way back before the conveniences of Azeroth today. There was no group finder, no doing LFR for gear, and certainly no cross realm raiding. My guild was brought up in a time when the guild was what would make or break your experience outside of solo content.

It made us really tight knit and dependent on each other. It also turned me into Clint Eastwood. I was 100% against raiding with people not wearing my guild’s name proudly above their head. Why would I gear someone else’s team? If they want to raid so bad they can make the commitment! Am I wrong here? Am I? Yes, Short, you are.


Warlords brought a lot of changes to Azeroth but none as big as the current make up off my raid team. I average around 17 of the sweetest people I have met.They goof off with each other, they compete, and they are bonded to the team. This is the way my guild’s raid team has been since we first started raiding during Burning Crusade. This expansion the big difference is that guild tag. No longer does my team proudly wear my guild’s name in unison. My team is currently spreading awesome across 3 different realms.


Thanks to Battle.net, flexible raid teams, and cross realm raiding, my little guild now has raid team members that make our team more different than it has ever been before, We are thriving and growing weekly it feels like. We don’t all wear the same name, but we are definitely no less of a team.

newshortWhile Warlords certainly had it’s share of questionable changes to Azeroth, the current raid environment is something I tip my hat to. I have seats that I can offer to friends on my guildies. I can communicate with new raiders on the messager any time I need to contact them. I don’t have to worry about recruitment on a realm with a dead recruitment pool. For once I can embrace a big change to my raid teams make up. Now, get off my lawn!

Addons for Accessibility – Transmog Sets

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! This weeks Addon for Accessibility will have you looking pretty in Azeroth. It’s called Transmog Sets. It is a nice little addon that let’s you set up sets of transmog gear and save them to quickly switch between them without needing to reassign each individual piece.What makes this a good addon for accessibility is the amount of mouse usage it eliminates. As someone who likes to change up the way my character looks pretty frequently, I can testify to the repetitive clicking it requires to change your transmog. You have to do each piece individually and the clicking adds up quick! Transmog Sets helps reduce all that repetitive clicking.

newshortHow it works is pretty simple. Transmog your gear as you normally would but once you’re finished you can click the gear to open the addons options. Now you can type in a name for your transmog and hit save. From now on you can chose the transmog from the list, click the transmogrify button, and the addon will automatically add all the gear for you. No more extra clicking when you want to change your gear to keep your character styling in Azeroth! It’s a great little addon but don’t take my words for it, check it out on curse and let me know what you think about Transmog Sets! Do you have an Addon you would like to see on Addons for Accessibility? If so leave it in the comments below and I would love to check it out!

Ghost Master – Accessibility First Look

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Friday we checked out Ghost Master on our Accessibility First Look. We ran into some issues. First off we were stuck in full screen. We were able to start the game since you enter your name by point and clicking letters on an Ouija Board. While the majority of the game is point and click, the tutorial is really big on teaching you controls that you don’t really need for game play and this can be annoying depending on your ability to use your middle mouse button. The game is borderless fullscreen but as the game kept insisting that I zoom my camera with my middle mouse button. I tried using the keyboard button to zoom but nothing happened in game. Eventually the tutorial did let me pass without zooming and we moved on to the game. I suggest turning off the tutorial to skip the required zooming if you have problems with the middle mouse button.

The game play itself has been point and click friendly and playable with one mouse button so far. You bind ghosts to objects and haunt houses with point and click UI buttons. I completed the first level only using left click. The game does have a ton of customizable keybinds but due to it not accepting my onscreen keyboards commands I am unsure how keyboard only gamers will fare.

newshortAll and all the game was fun though at times frustrating due to lack of windowed mode and it refusal to play nice with the onscreen keyboard. But don’t take my word for it, if the game still sounds interesting to you check it out on steam. If you already have played Ghost Master let me know what you thought about it in the comments below!

Addons for Accessibility – Announce Resurrection

Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  This week’s Addon for Accessibility is a nice automated notification for anyone casting a resurrection. It is called Announce Resurrection. It does exactly what the name implies. It types out a text alert to tell your party and raid members that you are casting a resurrection and who you are casting it on. This addon isn’t just for healers though! It works perfect with Mass Resurrection too. The reason I think it makes a good addon for accessibility is because it speeds up communication with your group without having to type things out which can take a lot of time if you are using an onscreen keyboard. With Announce Resurrection your party instantly knows who you are resurrecting the moment you cast it!


newshortBut don’t take my word for it, check out Announce Resurrection on curse!  Do you have an addon that you would like to see on Addons for Accessibility? If so leave me a comment and I would love to check it out!

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